"Blindness"  or "visually handicapped' is a term for anyone who suffers from a visual impairment that requires special methods or techniques to perform the visual functions that a sighted person would do with their eyes.  The visually handicapped population ranges from people with a mild impairment that cannot be corrected with glasses to those considered legally blind.

A common criteria for "legally blind" is:

Central visual acuity in the better eye must be 20/200 or less
The visual field must be 20 degrees or less.

Over 6 million people in the United States are considered to have some form of visual impairment.  They and their families and friends share the concern about emergencies: If they unable to communicate and are taken to unfamiliar surroundings, how do they let first responders, friends, and neighbors know their conditions, wishes, and needs?

It's also a concern when they are out of the home.

The solution is  This website stores important information needed in a medical emergency and needed for follow-up assistance.

  • Identifying information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Communications, mobility, and medical conditions
  • Location and types of medications
  • Location of important documents
  • Children who need care
  • Pets who need care
The online wizard guides a helper through the data entry, allowing him or her to enter as much or as little information as needed. The helper can change and or print the information at any time.

After signup, you can request a window sticker to alert first responders, two "‘refrigerator cards," and a wallet card. The cards contain the website address, the subscriber login, and a special password that displays a "First Responder" report.  This customized report provides paramedics, EMT's, and hospitals with the critically important information such as medical conditions and contacts.

The website allows anyone with access to the first responder report to notify the patient's emergency contacts by email and/or text message that the patient needs assistance.

The wallet card provides the same protection when they are out of the home.

This service helps first responders handle their immediate needs, and helps family, friends, or neighbors assist them with the other important aspects of their life -- from caring for pets to the location of their important papers.

This security and peace of mind is available for only $30 a year.


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