"This is great for my mother, who lives in upper New York not far from Albany.  We are in Florida, and the wallet card gives us both a feeling of security. All her children are on the contact list, so if something happens, one of us will certainly be called.  The doctors office helps her keep the meds current. The best $30 I've ever spent."

- Mary R. Orlando
"Dad and Mom travel every year to see each of their siblings and stay with my two sisters.  The wallet card gives them protection everywhere they go. They are away from home about 4 months a year.  The temporary residence listing will tell the motel staff or anyone who they are, where they are currently staying, and how to reach us.  We are super happy with this protection.

Suggest laminating the wallet card when you receive it!

- R.J, San Francisco

"Our next door neighbor is deaf but otherwise in good health. We are friends with her daughter who lives in Houston. We suggested a subscription and she couldn't be happier. She speaks clearly but in any emergency, has extreme difficulty understanding the questions. She was involved in a minor car accident about three weeks ago.  She pulled out her MII card, and the officer quikly understood her situation. He was impressed! We explained the service to him. "

- Harvey,  Dallas

"The card may have saved my aunt. She passed out at Krogers and was taken to the ER. The EMT saw the card and called us.  The ER nurse reviewed the medical condition, and the on-call cardiologist knew how to treat her type of atrial fib. She was released three days later.  "

- Karen and George, and the family