Single  Parents

Over 20 million children in the United States are in single-parent households.  In addition to serving as both father and mother, single parents face the added burden of planning for their own unexpected disability or illness.

It's a concern: if something happens to me and I'm unable to communicate, how will my children be taken care?

It's also a worry when single parents are outside the home.

The solution is  This easy-to-use and secure website contains the critical information needed in a medical emergency:

  • Identifying information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Children who need care and how to care for them
  • Communications, mobility, and medical conditions
  • Medical preferences
  • Location  of medications
  • Location of key documents
  • Pets who need care
After signup, you can request a window sticker to alert first responders, two "refrigerator cards," and a wallet card. The cards contain the website address, subscriber login, and a special password that displays a "First Responder" report.  This customized report provides paramedics, EMT's, and hospitals with the critically important information such as medical conditions, contacts, and specific instructions about the immediate care of your children.

The website allows anyone with access to your "First Responder" report to notify your emergency contacts by email and/or text message that you need assistance.

The wallet card provides the same protection while you are out of the home.

This website helps first responders handle your immediate needs, and helps family, friends, or neighbors assist with the other important aspects of your life - from finding your medications to the location of your important papers. helps provide the quality of care you need and deserve - and the care your children need in a crisis.  You may not be able to use your cell phone in an emergency.

This security and peace of mind is available for $30.00 a year.