1. Most data fields are text only. You can enter any type of data.
  2. You can enter as much information in a text box as you need. The box will automatically scroll.
  3. You can enter information in any order.
  4. To remove information, just space over the current information.


  1. Delegation gives "update" access to a trusted individual.  That individual can do anything you can do to your account and information. You can have up to five delegates.
  2. From your Dashboard, click the "Delegate" button.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you wish to have this authority.
  4. Click Save.
  5. They will receive an email invitation to be your delegate. If they accept, they will become your delegate.

Requesting Refrigerator, Wallet, or Window Stickers ("ID Cards").

  1. After you have entered your basic identifying information (name and address), use the "Request Cards" button to request your refrigerator cards, wallet card, and a window sticker.
  2. Enter the ship-to name and address . If this order is for your own account, enter your name and your address.  If you are a delegate, you may enter the subscriber name and subscriber address OR your name and your address (if you wish the cards mailed to you).
  3. You can also print the cards yourself rather than order them through the website.
  4. We will mail the cards and window sticker within 10 business days.