Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost?
Only $30.00  (US Dollars) a year.   Subscriptions are automatically renewed every year (unless you cancel).
Can I cancel?
Yes, at any time.  You will receive a prorated refund based on full calendar months since date of purchase.
Is my information safe?
It is stored on our secure servers.  We strive for safety and security.
I can purchase a subscription, but I want my daughter to update and maintain my information.  Is that possible?
Yes. On your Dashboard, use the "Delegate" button and enter her email address.  She will receive an invitation and after she accepts, your daughter can update your account for you.  Both you and she can update your information.  If you ever wish to remove her access, use the "Delegate" button and remove her email address.  There is no cost for a delegate.

Do you store my credit card information?

Information Protectors LLC does not store any credit card information, but our credit card processing company (BMT Micro) does store your credit card information for automatic renewals.
Can I setup and maintain an account for my mother? She does not use a computer.
Yes, just setup an account in your name (for billing and update purposes).  On the data screens (such as "About Me"), enter the information for your mother.
I want to setup an account for both my mom and dad. Can my one email account handle both situations?
Yes.  Setup an account in your name  (for billing and update purposes).  On the data screens (such as "About Me"), enter all the information for your mom.  You will then update and maintain all her information.

Use the Add Person link at the bottom of the page.  Purchase a second subscription for your dad.  Enter his information.

When you logon with your email address, under the word "Dashboard," click the "View another person list." The screen will display both your mom and dad.  Just select the one you wish to maintain.
Can I share my login and passwords with my family or a trusted neighbor?
You are in control of your login (email address) and password, but they should be protected and safeguarded as all your logins and password.  Sharing any login and password is your decision.

Please note that your emergency code is printed on your cards (which you must request) and is not the same as your password.  The emergency code is a website-generated code that allows anyone to see your "First Responder" report, which is specially formatted personal information that is helpful to anyone assisting you in an emergency. We do not recommend any confidential or financial information on
Can I print the information in my file?
Yes.  Some subscribers print their First Responder report and attach it to their refrigerator, along with the refrigerator card.
Why do I get two refrigerator cards?
If you are taken to the hospital, one card can stay in your home for neighbors or friends.  The other card goes with you to the hospital so the emergency and admitting staff can obtain your important information.
Can I update my information at any time?
Yes.  We encourage you to keep the information as current as possible.
When should I request my cards?
After you have entered the basic information (such as name and address), you can and should request the cards.
Can I request replacement cards?
Yes.  There is no charge.
Should I add detailed medical information?
We discourage entering any type of sensitive or confidential information on the website.  The purpose of is to provide the time critical facts needed in an emergency situation.
Should I add financial information?
We discourage entering financial information on the website.

I live outside the United States.  Can I purchase a subscription?
Yes.  The cost is $30.00 (US Dollars).   Please note: At this time, is only available in English.

We live in Florida during the winter. Can I get multiple refrigerator cards?
Yes. Just request the cards two weeks before you leave. Use your Florida address for the "ship to" information.  And be sure to update your "Temporary Residence" information when you arrive in Florida. When you return, delete the "Temporary Residence" information.

Can I share my Emergency Code with my preferred hospital?
Yes. Some hospitals are able to add "patient provided information" to their patient files.  If so, just ask them to add "" and your Emergency Code to their records.  This will enable them to quickly get your important information if you are admitted or are seen at the Emergency Room.