Peace of Mind

If you are suddenly incapacitated or unable to communicate:

First responders can immediately see your important information, such as:
  • Your primary and designated contacts (family, friends, neighbors)
  • Location of medications and important documents
  • Your basic medical information and conditions to help them help you
  • Your preferred hospital
  • Efficient help with our First Responder Report

In an emergency, those coming to your aid can see:
  • Location of your important documents
  • Care of pets
  • Care of dependent children
  • What you need if you are taken to the hospital
  • Who else to contact by phone, email, or text
  • Names and phone numbers of your doctors

With a simple and easy to use website:

You decide what to enter
  • Enter as much or as little as you wish
  • Virtually all data fields are optional
  • Freeform text boxes so you can enter the information your way
  • Update the information as often as you wish

Easy access for first responders, family, friends, and neighbors
  • A window decal alerting responders and helpers to the service
  • Two refrigerator cards with an emergency code to get quick access to your "First Responder" report: one card to keep at home for followup and the other card to go with you to the hospital
  • A wallet card to protect you while away from home
You don't need to do this alone
  • Your adult child or friend can purchase the subscription for you
  • If you purchase the subscription, you can "delegate" an adult child, trusted friend, or caregiver to maintain your information
Affordable security at low cost and with no contracts
  • Only $30.00 a year