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My Important Information,

The simple way to make important information available for first responders, family, or friends who come to your aid in an emergency. Help them help you!
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What happens AFTER the First Responders Arrive?

How does it work?

It's easy!

Enter your important but non-sensitive information into our secure website, and we'll send you highly visible refrigerator and wallet cards that contain a unique access code to your information. The cards tell family, friends and neighbors how to quickly gain access in an emergency.

Emergency responders can use your access code to quickly access the vital information they'll need to help you. You can also print a report of all your information.

Enter fail606dune in the Emergency Code to see and print a sample First Responder Report.

See our YouTube video.

Who can we help?

We can all benefit from "being prepared."  This website provides peace of mind for people concerned about their health due to aging, allergies, heart, and mobility problems, and for people with specific situations: 
My Important Information is very valuable for solo travelers. See!

Looking for a reliable Medical Alert system?

A top quality Medical Alert system brings help to your door. When they arrive, My Important Information helps the first responders help you. We recommend Life Station, and offer a $2 a month discount by clicking on the link below. Your discount code is MII2.

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